The games that I want to check out, hopefully with a little chit-chat with the publishers or designers.

  1. Medici: Card Game (Grail Games) – push your luck, set collection
  2. Merchants of Araby (Daily Magic Games) – negotiating, worker-placement
  3. Coldwater Crown (Bellwether Games) – Set collection, worker-placement, fishing, planning
  4. Pyramids (Iello) – card drafting, pattern building
  5. Topiary (Fever Games) – tile placement, hand management, area control
  6. Tao Long (Thundergryph Games, Gateongames) – 2-player game, point to point movement, grid movement, modular board
  7. Das Vermächtenis des Maharadja (Abacusspiele) – set collection, bidding/auction
  8. Gentes (Spielworxx) – card drafting, action point allowance
  9. Win-Win (Gem Klub Kft) – coop 2 spelers
  10. Abandon Planet (Orange Machine Games) – modular board, multiplayer (min. 4 players), partnership, trading, worker-placement
  11. Dicey Peaks (Calliope Games) – push your luck, modular board, dice rolling
  12. Envyra (Self-Published) – Set Collection, area control, simultaneous action system
  13. Seikatsu (IDW Games) – hand management, set collection, tile management, pattern building
  14. The Fox In The Forest (Renegade Games Studios) – 2player, hand management, card game,
  15. Riga (Ostia-Spiele)
  16. A Column Of Fire (Iello, Kosmos, Giochi Uniti) – worker-placement, area control, dice
  17. Santa Maria (Aporta Games) – dice rolling, tile placement
  18. Mountains Of Madness (Iello) – coop, hand management
  19. Unearth (Brotherwise Games) – dice placement, tile placement, building
  20. Atlas: Enchanted Lands – Betting/wagering, set collection