Blog Spelletjes Enzo

Sociability & board games will always be going hand in hand!


How to introduce myself, is something that I’ve been thinking about a lot. Not easy, to talk about yourself.
Let’s begin by saying my name is Gert Breugelmans, I live in Belgium in a nice little village called Vorselaar. By my site their is my beautiful wife Ilse Nouwen, who also shares my interest in board games. We together are raising our daughter Lotte, who also loves to play board games, but not all the time.

It’s now for over more then 7 years that I’m doing this beautiful hobby. Begun with games like Catan, Carcassonne, K2, just like the most of us started. Nothing to be ashamed of, but over the years I noticed my taste is changing. Games that are hitting the table at the moment are Lords Of Xidit, Sagrada, Raiders Of The North Sea, …

Why my interest in blogging? I like to write. Not that I see myself as a great writer, but I love doing it. It all began by playing games and posting about it on Facebook. What I did was write a little story of how the game was played, with a little drama and excitment. People who I played with, enjoyed reading it … so I came up with the idea of writing it down in a blog.

The word “about” is written in english but my blogs will be in dutch, because the writing in english isn’t that easy for me.

So hopefully you enjoy reading my blogs.