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The Europa Incident (Set 1) by Fucina Logica Games

The Europa Incident is a science fiction boardgame about the control of the most strategically and economically useful sites in the Main Asteroid Belt of our Solar System by mega-corporations, transnational agencies, and armed organizations. The game uses a partially random hand of card with deckbuilding mechanic through which it is possible to use available resources for infrastructure construction, technological development and conflict management. The Europa Incident mixes typically “managerial” gaming elements to strategic expansion and conquest dynamics enhanced by a chit-pull combat resolution system. Effective expansion of control zones is the key and it must be fast. Fighting, on the other side, can be useful, but it will be the one who first consolidate its own expansion to be more likely to win.
Set 1 features 2 factions: ZhangSpace and Anglo-Atlantic Alliance

Introduction The Europa Incident

Coming to kickstarter soon

Centrix Game by Richard MacRae & Corey Myckan

A fun friendly crazy spinning 3D game; players use card combinations to rotate discs and climb pawns to the top; a unique interactive board game.

Introduction video of Centrix (prototype)

Videolink to facebook of Centrix


Coming by mid-february of by the end of february 2018!

Mayor of Evercent Springs

Games by Bright of Sweden

Do you have what it takes to be appointed Mayor of the closed town? Enter the competition declared by the reluctant Council; it’ll be a tortuous road and you must make sure to keep your Silver key safe…

You Tube presentation of the game

Launch is in February 2018!


The Crinimals by Abdullah Konash

You are one of the tricky animals that made a successful heist. But who wants to share? Especially when the loot is so shiny! You should find evidence and send everyone else to jail. That sounds like a plan!

Castle Madness by Wim Goossens

Castle Madness 2

Castle Madness on You Tube

Website Envyra by Rudy Priecinsky

One element impacts another and together they form the world around us. Yet the world is slowly and quietly evolving. There needs to be equilibrium or… at least semblance of it in time. You are part of this vortex of life!

Lost In Time by Jason St. Just

Lost In Time
Lost in Time is a thematic game centering around time travel with three sets of rules that allow for different ways of play. The game consists of 88 cards with beautiful historical illustrations.

21 Days by Erik Winkelman

21 Days
A small group survives the disaster and washes ashore on the isle Juan Ansidad. For weeks they wait, hoping to be rescued, but they slowly run out of food. They come to realize that they will have to take matters into their own hands. A raft is carefully put together and with a small ration four brave survivors try their luck on the Pacific, looking for salvation.

Heldentaufe by Simon Junker

The day that you have been waiting for has come. At last, you can prove that you are worthy of being a member of the Hero‘s council. Show them your skills by collecting the golden monster teeth. But be aware – the lands of Taora are not as peaceful as they seem. Rumor has it, that in the dark and gloomy Netherworld, some friends become enemies…

Adellos by Till Engel

Adellos is a turn-based tactical strategy board game for 2-4 players. Each player controls a medieval nobleman, who hires various units and tries to overcome the other players. The players have twelve different units with unique skills to choose and control. They also have to manage their gold income and the flow of action cards that each player can use on their turn for effects that influence the game. Everything takes place on a symmetric battle map. Every nobleman has a specific and unique skill that can influence the game from the start.

Green Box Of Games by Jørgen Brunborg-Næss

Green Box Of Games
The Green Box of Games is a game system in a box. Designed to be like a deck of cards for board games, it contains a set of standardized components that can be used to play a myriad different games, both traditional games like Ludo, Halma and Backgammon as well as adaptations of popular modern games like Catan, Carcassonne and Cartagena. In addition, truly original games have been developed for the box, and you are encouraged to create your own games as well.

Potato Pirates by Codomo

Potato Pirates
Potato Pirates is a lethal combination of potatoes, programming, and piracy rolled into an epic card game. Roast, mash, or fry your opponents and send them down to Davy Jones’ locker — but before you can reign terror on the high seas, you have to first master the art of potato war. Use programming concepts such as functions, loops, and conditionals to fortify your attacks. If that’s not enough, you could just loot and hijack your way to victory by saving Potato King from the deadlock of doom.

Scrooge: The Board Game by Jason Gerring, Peter Gerring, Simon Gerring

Scrooge the boardgame.jpg
It is set in one of the immersive worlds of Charles Dickens, nostalgic to many! The game lets you take on the role of one of your favorite characters, created by the famous writer. You will go on a cutthroat adventure to redeem Scrooge in his Moment of Truth! Colorful aesthetics evoke the Christmas theme in this family game that resembles the old classics.

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